Today’s service providers are confronted by radical changes to their business environment, and while they have been largely working to create leaner operations, the mechanics of doing business has changed over the years leading to transformations in the business model. CSPs are fast transforming themselves from a legacy communication service provider to an IP broadband, cloud and IT platform provider with greater focus on a business segment. The traditional services would now contribute to roughly 38% of the total business and the focus would be more on the next gen services which would include hi-speed internet, wireless, OTT/IPTV, IoT, hosted VoIP among others. Every wave of innovation gives opportunities to rebalance strategies. The CSPs should adopt a four pronged strategy to regain the market position.

‘Born Digital’ telecom organizations are not restricted by legacy technology and business process, and are disrupting traditional business models through innovations in customer experience and engagement, service management and delivery, and product structure. On the other hand, traditional Telecommunication Services Providers - given the complexity of their estates - are finding it difficult to make the tectonic shift because not all of them are invested across the maturity curve to improve their connectedness with the business ecosystem. ASTA Innosys’s end-to-end solutions framework is a comprehensive approach to increase efficiency, drive cost reductions and foster innovation.


Customer Experience Management (CEM) 360

Leverage CEM 360 to achieve quantifiable business outcomes through the digital transformation initiatives

Big Data Analytics

Our data-driven strategies help our clients innovate, compete, and gain value

App Modernization

We offer modern application development and platform engineering services to make digital transformation a reality through the power of APIs, Cloud, Analytics, Micro-services and DevOps

Transfer Management Workload

Our Digital Process Operations Telecom Practice supports front-end and back-office processes across Wireline, Wireless, Mobile, Cable, VoIP, and TV service lines

Enterprise Function as a Service (EFaaS)

Move your enterprise functions to the "Best-in-Class". ASTA Innosys’s EFaaS™ (Enterprise Functions as a Service) gives you the competitive advantage you need

Next Gen Network Services

Using best-in-class industry practices and operational expertise, we are adding value to enterprise networks in order to drive further efficiency