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Wall Displays

Wall Displays are designed to project important / key informations that are meant to be viewed often. It is designed to get the focus on the right aspects at the right time. It could be metrices, alerts or any information

Patient Discharge & House Keeping

Trigger discharge workflow & house keeping task by the patient leaving the room or bed by dropping a card in to an iOT enabled dropbox. Housekeeper gets notificied on the mobile, ward nurses are informed about the patient leaving home, Booking office gets updated about the availability of Bed fot the next patient coming in.

Focus Areas

In every phase of healthcare, In its many forms, medical technology is beneficial to health and quality of life. Medical technologies are products, services, or solutions used to save and improve people’s lives. Like biotechnology solutions or medical devices, for example. Healthcare data provides rich insight into diseases and, when used efficiently, will open up new possibilities. It will deliver prediction models for early diagnosis, enhance treatment, and inform us on how we can lead healthier lives. We want to exhaust the wealth of healthcare data available across the world to improve the lives of patients and citizens.